Step 1
Please click "+ Create" in "Organization Setting" to create a space.
Step 2
Please select the organizer first;
If you haven't created a host, please click "+ Create Organization" to create a host.
Step 3
Fill in the "Basic Information" of the space
  • Cover Image:Please upload a picture that best matches the image of the space. The capacity is limited to 10MB; required.
  • Space name:Please name the space based on the characteristics of the space space. You cannot directly disclose the space organizer's name and detailed address and other information; required.
  • Capacity:Fill in the maximum capacity for this space; required.
  • Space size:The unit is square meters (1 square meter = 0.3025 ping); required.
  • County / City / Area / Address:Please enter the detailed address of the space; required.
Bookers will only see space "Counties and Cities" and "Regions" before booking,
Full space information will only be displayed when the order is established.
Step 4
Fill in the space "Details"
  • Space Contact Person:Please fill in the information of the person in charge of the space, and please add the country code for the phone. Bookers will not see this information before booking, and the full space contact information will only be displayed after the order is placed.
  • Space purpose:Select the nature of this space so that the subscriber can find your space more quickly; check again.
  • Suitable for:Provides a reference for the type of event that the space is suitable for hosting; check.
  • Image:At least 4 photos of the space space, the name of the organizer and the detailed address of the space cannot be disclosed directly in the picture; required
Step 5
Fill in "Features"
  • Featured content :Please provide space-specific content. You can use pictures or videos to make the space more rich. The content of the organizer and the detailed address of the space cannot be directly disclosed in the content;Required.
Step 6
Fill in the "transportation" of the space
  • Transportation:Please briefly describe the transportation method, for example:about 3 minutes away from the train station / about 5 minutes walk to the bus stop;The name of the organizer and the detailed address of the space cannot be disclosed directly; optional.
  • Space location:Click the [Transfer From Address] button, and it will automatically bring in the " address" landmark filled in "Basic Information".
Step 7
After completing the "Space Information", click [Next] to set the "Space Specifications".
Step 8
"Space Specification" sets the specification of the space.
  • Choose Equipment:Add equipment provided by this space and explain the usage rules; optional.
  • Announcement:For the space to inform the bookers to pay attention to, such as:smoking, eating, etc. are not allowed on the space; optional.
  • Return Poily:The space organizer can set the refund rules on its own. If the booker wants to refund GatherMaster, they will follow this rule to refund; required.
Step 9
After completing the "Space Specifications", click [Next] to fill in "Guest Information".
  • Fill in the "Space Specifications" After the order is established, give your guests a short welcome greeting and build a good first impression! You can provide detailed space information, such as space location guidelines, space attention, etc.
Step 10
After completing the "Space Specifications", click [Next] to complete the "Account Setting".
Step 11
"Account Setting" sets the account details. The information must be correct. The space fee will be based on the account information.

If the space has not yet been created, you can click [Save Draft] first, and then click the gear in "Space Management" to continue editing.

If you have clicked directly to create [Add Space], you will go to the background to set the plan.
Step 12
"Plan" establishes the applicable plan for this space, which can be submitted for review only after the setting is completed.

Click [New plan]
  • Plan Title:Set the plan title, for example:weekday plans, special plans and other content cannot directly reveal the organizer's title and space detailed address; required.
  • Plan Type:Select "Hourly" or "Periodly"; required.
  • Plan Price:Set the plan amount according to the selected plan type.
  • Status:Select the space. The program is open for one week;
  • Date you would like to list:Select the opening date of the space of the space. You can choose "Apply to All Date" date or "Specific Date"; required.
  • Time list:Select the opening time of the space; required.
★ After the scheme is added, you can click [Submit Review] to conduct space review. The review time is about 2 working days (excluding holidays). The review will be officially released on the shelves. The review result will be notified by the organizer's email.
After the space is put on the shelf, you can view and edit the space in the "space management" background. "Re-editing the space content" and "modifying the space plan" can be directly modified without going through the review process, but the platform will still review its modification content.