Step 1
Look for a button [manage organization] click on [+create] to start creating an event.
Step 2
Please choose the right organization for the new event;
If you have not set up an organization, click [+create] to start creating a new organization
Step 3
Fill up basic information for the event
  • Event main image: Please upload a image which can present your event the best, image size is limited up to 10MB; Required.
  • Event category: choose the main category for your event, your attandee can find you easier; Requied.
  • Design Category: Select the design category for the event; required.
  • Hastag: Create hastag for your event, it can increase the chance to being expouse to attandee;Required, Min: 1 hastag to Max:5 Hastag, word count not limit.
  • Theme: Fill up the main theme for your event, words limited; requied
  • Event date: Fill up the date and time of the event start and end; requied.
Step 4
Fill in the event "Details"
  • Introduction to the event: For the event summary description, improve the profile of interested consumers; required.
  • Event contact person: Please fill in the information of the person in charge of the event, please add the country code for the phone; required.
  • Guest speakers: Introducing special guests or lecturers; optional.
Step 5
  • Content: Please provide detailed event content, you can use more pictures or videos to make the event richer; required.
Step 6
Fill in the activity "Transportation Mode"
  • Coordinates: Click the [Click here to convert map] button, and it will automatically bring in the "event address" landmark filled in "Basic Information"
  • Transportation method: Fill in detailed transportation information to help applicants know the location of the event; optional.
Step 7
After filling in the "Event Information", click [Next] for "Account Settings".
Step 8
"Account Setting" choose whether to use the GatherMaster registration system,
  • If you choose [Yes], you need to set the account details, and the information must be correct. This activity fee will be based on the account information.
  • If you choose [No], you need to fill in the "Event Link" and set this event plan to be free, paid or both;
Step 9
"New plan" can establish a variety of event plans, such as: early bird discounts, holiday limited plans, etc.
  • Plan price: If the price is "0", it is a paid activity; if the price is "0", it is a free activity;Please refer to the website for the description of free or paid activities.
  • Amount: Please preset the number of sales plans. For detailed charges, please post on the website.
  • After release, you can directly set the plan in the background management.
Step 10
"Create an registration form" can create the information that applicants need to provide to participate in this event.
★ After completing the event, you can click [Release] to conduct the event review. The review time is about 2 working days (excluding holidays). The review will be officially released on the shelf. After being on the shelf, you can click the gear in the "Event Management" background to view and edit the event.
If the event has not been completed, you can click [Save Draft] first, and then click the gear in the "Event Management" to continue editing.